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  • Title:
  • Aqara Smart Scene Panel Switch S1 Zigbee 3.0 3.95 inch Touch Screen AI Gesture Recognition Voice Control Work HomeKit App for Smart Home
  • Features:
    1. 3.95-inch color IPS screen, colorful and smooth experience
    2. Al smart screen wake up, automatic light sensor to adjust brightness
    3. Display date and time, weather, air quality, temperature and other information, support control of air conditioning, lights and curtains.
    4. Customize exclusive smart scenes, built-in AI gesture recognition technology (this function needs to be manually turned on in the settings
    5. Support switch HomeKit, voice control lights
    6. Remote control zigbee3.0
    7. V-0 grade flame-retardant material, support over temperature and overload protection, general 86 type bot
  • Specification:
  • Product size: 86x86x43.7mm
  • Touch screen: 3.95 inches full screen
  • Wireless connection: Zigbee 3.0
  • Rated parameters: Max 10A 220V-, 50Hz
  • Rated load: Max 2200W
  • Total load: Max 2200W (three channels in total)
  • Working temperature: 10℃~40℃
  • Working humidity: 0-95℃ RH, no condensation
  • Package list:
  • 1*Panel Switch
  • 1*Manual
  • Note:
  • 1. This product needs to be used with the following gateways: Aqara Gateway M1S. Aqara Gateway M2, Agara Air Conditioning Companion P3, Agara Smart Camera G2H.
  • 2. This product requires a zero live wire reserved in the installation box.
  • 3. It does not support high-power appliances such as Yuba, and cannot be used as an air switch. Some special lines need to be modified, and the actual conditions shall prevail.
  • 4. The smart light control needs to be linked through the mobile phone APP, and the specific configuration of the mobile phone APP shall prevail.
  • 5. To use voice control, it must be equipped with an Agara brand gateway that supports Zigbee3.0 and a device with built-in Siri. This product cannot directly perform voice control.
  • 6.The language of the product is Chinese by default, and you can enter the product setting language to be English (only Chinese and English are supported)
  • Aqara Smart Scene Panel Switch S1 Zigbee 3.0 Panel Switch

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