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Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Light source type Halogen lamp
Voltage ≤36V(V)
Shade material Silicone

Main scope of application
Switch type Inductive
Average service life Other (h)
Power supply method
Applicable place
Model Mijia Philips Bluetooth Night Light
Light color white
Light source power Conventional (W)

●Intelligent light control induction, ultra low power consumption
- Every night has a good light
Determine if nighttime illumination is illuminated by detecting the brightness of the surrounding environment. In the case of plenty of daylight and plenty of light, the night light goes out.
In the case of night and low light, after the infrared induction, someone turns on the light at night. 10 months of long battery life*, true peace of mind and energy savings.

● Large detection range and long detection distance
- Double detection technology, took a big step
The 120° wide detection field of view has a detection range of 5-7 meters. Using advanced photosensitive detection technology and infrared human detection technology, it automatically turns on under low light conditions to meet different lighting needs.

●Lightweight and satin dual design
- Performance and value
Built-in Fresnel lens for improved sensor performance. PE materials with high light and infrared transmittance are used to improve detection performance. Create hidden body light sources,
Matte sandblasted on the back, the exterior is pure white, creating artwork in the light of the night.

Bluetooth smart sensor bedside lamp mini corridor bathroom bedroom lamp

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