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Sphere on Spiral Stairs





- The product is powered by the E27 lamp socket interface; which can be quickly installed and used if there is an E27 lamp socket at home. It can be suspended to install ceilings; wall panels and sockets to monitor the safety of homes; offices and courtyards in a large range.


- The product provides 1080P high-definition color monitoring screen; and provides infrared (black and white) high-definition night vision screen at night; 24 hours a day without interruption.


- The camera can connect to the Internet through two frequency bands of 2.4G and 5G WiFi; and connect to 5G WiFi for faster video viewing; no delay and no stuck; and smooth playback of monitoring images.


- After the product is connected to the Internet; the monitoring screen can be viewed anywhere and at any time through the mobile phone or tablet of the bound device.


- The camera supports online 90°; left and right 355° remote control rotation; can be operated on the mobile APP; and one device covers the monitoring of the entire space.


- The camera supports full-time video recording and event video recording. During full-time video recording; the device records monitoring images throughout the day and stores it to the device memory card (you need to put it in); and during event video recording; the device records video and stores it to the memory card when it detects a moving object. You can also purchase cloud storage services.


- The device has the functions of motion detection and motion tracking; built-in microphone and speaker; which can realize intercom and two-way conversation with the APP client.


- With a motion detection alarm function; after the alarm is turned on; the device will immediately send an alarm sound when it detects a moving object to expel strangers.






Material: ABS


Installation method: E27 lamp socket interface


Camera type: WiFi network monitoring


Networking: 2.4G+5G WiFi


Lens resolution: 1920*1080


Lens shooting angle: rotatable 35°+90°


Memory card expansion: maximum support 128G memory card (not included)


Night vision function: infrared night vision


Motion detection: yes


Mobile tracking: yes


Motion detection alarm: yes


Microphone: Yes; can record sound


Speaker: yes


Other functions: voice call; two-way intercom




Package Included:


1x Lamp base camera


1x E27 lamp holder


1x Instruction manual



Full HD 1080P Wireless Wifi IP Camera E27 Bulb Home Security Lamp Light Camera

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