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Sphere on Spiral Stairs


Electronic Control Of Water Output: intelligently control the water output to obtain the cleaning intensity you want.

Efficient Cleaning: the combination of precise LiDAR navigation and scientific route algorithm ensures that the floor can be cleaned thoroughly and efficiently every single time.

5 Groups Of Map Mode Memory: Save up to 4-levels of maps, including individual rooms, No-Go Zones, No-Mop Zones, and Invisible Walls for total control of where and when your robot cleans.

2700Pa Super Strong Suction: the machine can intelligently identify and adjust the suction according to different ground conditions. Maximum suction of 2700Pa can easily remove dirt from the floor, and Carpet Boost can ensure that each carpet gets the maximum power.

Strong Ability To Clean Hair: with special treatment methods, you can easily clean hair, and you will never encounter the problem that hair is difficult to clean.


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There is a video for this product; if you need it; please contact us for a video







Low battery; automatic recharge

The machine can last for 110 minutes. When the power is too low; the machine will automatically detect the charging seat and recharge automatically

Geek Smart L7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner And Mop; LDS Navigation; Wi-Fi Connected AP

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