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Sphere on Spiral Stairs

  • ? 10 Languages Translation - INMO AIR AR Glasses can recognize and translate10 languages: Chinese Mandarin,Cantonese,English,Japanese,French,Spanish,German,Korean,Russian and Italian.Then INMOLENS AR glasses can translate the recognized speech into the corresponding language and display it on the screen of the glasses.
  • ? Intelligence ChatGPT - We have introduced ChatGPT technology in our smart ar glasses, which interacts in a conversational format. ChatGPT allows for multi-round conversations and high-precision answer generation, providing diverse possibilities for a variety of application scenarios.
  • ? AR Glasses With Camera - The built-in camera is equipped with AI algorithms for anti-shake stability, ensuring that your photos and videos are sharp and steady.
  • ? What's Included - INMO AR Glasses/Control Ring/Sunglasses Lenses/Flat Lenses/Myopia Lens Frame/Nose Drag/Type-C Charging Cable/Instruction Manual/Eyeglass Cloth/Eyeglass Case/Packaging Box .
  • ? Convenient Control Ring - 1:Turn on the AR glasses/2:Press and hold the “confirm” key of the ring for 6 seconds, the blue light will flash, wait for pairing/3:Open the glasses "settings"-"Bluetooth", turn on the "INMO Air"Bluetooth switch/4:The glasses interface will show "Bluetooth pairing with device INMO Ring 2?" select "Pair". It’s paired successful/5:If the ring's Bluetooth "INMO Ring 2" does not show up after seconds, retrying step 3.
  • ? Any questions or suggestions on INMO AIR AR Glasses, please feel free to contact us ~

INMO AIR 1 AR Glasses Wireless, 10 Languages Real Time Translation, Smart ChatGP

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