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Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Type: Monochrome
Model: USB
Input voltage: 5 (V)
LED chip brand: Sanan Optoelectronics
LED lamp bead model: 2835
Number of LED lamp beads: 60 (pcs/m)
Single lamp bead lumens: 20 (lm)
Beam angle: 180 (degrees)
Power factor: 0.95
Can dimming: No
Effective life: 50000 (H)
Size: 1000 (mm)
Weight: 50 (g)
Protection level: IP68
Range of use: household

The bare board is the bare board of lamp beads. If glue is applied, a layer of transparent glue is wrapped on the basis of the bare board, which can play a waterproof role.

Color temperature: bare board warm white, bare board white light, epoxy waterproof warm white, epoxy waterproof white light (K)
Color rendering index: 95
Product specifications: 0.5m, 1m, 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m
Power: 20
Length: 5M
Life: 50000 hours
Minimum packaging: 0.5M
Switch type: inductive
Sensing range: 5-10CM
Light color: white, warm white
Circuit board material: PCB

LED waterproof light with smart infrared sensor light

PriceFrom $11.76
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