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Sphere on Spiral Stairs


Hd 1080p high-definition image quality, see every detail clearly;

built in 32GB



- video recording at the time of power on without missing any time;

- Hd 1080p high-definition image quality; see every detail clearly;

- super small and light; with a headband; which can be carried with you;

- magnetic suction design; which can be installed in any concealed corner;

- infrared night vision; which can be captured by day and night;

- mobile detection; without missing any suspicious figure;

- circular recording. Don't worry about what to do when the memory card is full.


1. This product does not contain TF card; please provide by yourself;

2. This product does not include WiFi function;

3. This product belongs to household safety products; please do not use it for illegal activities;


Product size: 2.5 * 2.5 * 2.7cm

Product weight: 18g

Support tfcard: 4 ~ 128G

Battery capacity: 180MAH


Ensure family safety

Light and easy to carry

Complimentary Headband

The price is very cheap compared with similar products

Easy to operate

Package Included:

1X camera;
1x packing box;
1x cable fixing device;
1x bracket;
1x back clip;
1x bracket base;
1x USB cable;
1x instruction manual;
1x bandage


MD25 Mini HD 1080P Magnetic Home Security Wireless Camera Baby Monitor Real-Time

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