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SimpliSafe delivers advanced security solutions that put you, your home, and your safety first. With optional professional monitoring powered by Fast Protect™ Technology, SimpliSafe combines innovative hardware with advanced AI and real people — for 24/7 professional monitoring that delivers fast emergency response when you need it most. The award-winning SimpliSafe system is effective, intuitive, and affordable – so that home can be safe and secure for everyone. You can protect every inch of your home. SimpliSafe has sensors for every room, window and door. HD security cameras for inside and out. Smarter ways to detect motion that alert you only when a threat is real. Hazard sensors that detect floods, and other threats to your home. Powerful sirens that can help stop intruders in their tracks. And, it’s backed by optional 24/7 professional monitoring—experts who are ready to dispatch emergency help immediately. That’s the unmatched combination that separates SimpliSafe Home Security from the others. Our bundles are designed from the start to be effective yet affordable. And with no long-term contracts or hidden fees. This 11-piece bundle provides 24/7 protection. The Smart Alarm Wireless Indoor Security Camera helps stop crime in real time with live guard protection that allows monitoring agents to see, speak to, and deter intruders during an active alarm*. The camera also features a built in privacy shutter that you control. The Base Station is the brains of the system. It sends alarm signals to the monitoring center with a built-in cellular connection and includes a back up battery that lasts up to 24 hours and a loud, 95 dB siren. The smash-safe Keypad is soft to the touch, easy to use during the day and night, and requires no plug so it can be placed anywhere. Entry Sensors (6 total) protect your doors, windows, and cabinets and are designed to blend into the background. Motion Sensors (2 total) are designed for human detection, not pet detection. And the Key Fob lets you arm and disarm your system with the press of a button. Advanced security, whole home protection. There's no safe like SimpliSafe. *Live guard protection available with Fast Protect™ Monitoring plan, 1 month free with purchase.

  • 1 FREE Month of 24/7 professional monitoring with Fast Protect Technology for fast police response - With optional monitoring services, our agents keep watch even when you can't, ready to instantly alert emergency responders.
  • Complete control of your system with the SimpliSafe App - Arm, disarm and protect anytime, anywhere. Starting at 66c/day with no long-term contracts or hidden fees.
  • Stop crime in real time - With the Smart Alarm Wireless Indoor Camera and 24/7 live guard protection exclusively from SimpliSafe, monitoring agents can actively see and speak to intruders during an alarm through the two-way audio feature
  • Faster police response - When you enable video verification on your SimpliSafe cameras, our professional monitoring agents can use eyewitness evidence to verify a break-in which can mean priority dispatch for faster police response. (Requires Fast Protect Monitoring plan)
  • Protection for entry points - Entry Sensors protect windows, doors, and cabinets and alert you when someone tries to enter. Customizable and can send Secret Alerts so you are quietly alerted if someone accesses private areas, without sounding an alarm.
  • Blanket a whole room - Motion sensors detect motion within 35 feet, have a 90 degree field of view and get along great with pets under 60lbs. Perfect for full room coverage when placed in a corner.

SimpliSafe 11 Piece Wireless Home Security System Gen 3 with Wireless Indoor HD

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