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Sphere on Spiral Stairs

1. Induction method: human body motion sensing
2. Induction control: people come to light, people walk off the delay light
3. Sensing distance: >3 meters
4. Sensing angle: 120 degrees
5. LED life: 80,000 hours or more
7. LED brightness: 2835 SMD lamp beads 6PCS (1W)
8.LED light color: white light
9. Machine standby current: 30 microamps
10. Machine operating current: 160 mAh
11. Power supply: use 3 AAA 7th battery or rechargeable battery (price does not include battery)
12. Delay time: 20 seconds
13. Power-on self-test time: 60 seconds
14. Lamp operating temperature: -10~50ᄚC
15. Product size: 80*18MM, unit: mm

Smart Led Night Light

PriceFrom $15.09
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