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Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Product information :
Wireless fidelity: Zigbee 3.0
Operating voltage: 3V
Sensing distance: ≥15mm
Standby current: ≤4uA
Type of battery: CR2032
Standby duration: ≥12 months
Working temperature:-10 ~ 55℃
Working humidity: 0% ~ 99% RH
Wireless distance: ≥ 100m (open distance)
Installation: 3M adhesive bonding

Functional features:
3.0 Zigbee3.0 wireless fidelity
Sensitive Holmin sensor, fast detection
One-key quick adding device
Super long standby time
Multi-scenario installation and use
Support intelligent linkage of other devices.
Easy to install and use.

Size Information:
Product dimensions: 50×25×11mm 30×15×10mm

Packing list:
Host ×1 magnetic strip ×1 3M glue ×2 product instruction ×1

Zigbee Magnetic Door And Window Sensor

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